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Despite the influx of new products and solutions in the digital age, many companies still rely on old, inefficient, or outdated communication technologies. As a result, they miss out on an opportunity to improve their communications and continue to bear high operating costs and deal with down times, security vulnerabilities, and other issues.

If you’re looking to change that, now is the time to transform your infrastructure and switch from legacy phone systems to modern, more powerful, feature-packed solutions. Navis Technology Solutions is more than a company offering phones from top brands. We specialize in custom-tailored business telephone installation services.

So, whether you’re opening a new facility or upgrading your existing telecommunication infrastructure, we can take care of every aspect of the installation, from network design to equipment procurement, low-voltage cabling, connections, configuration, and maintenance.

Our team of certified technicians and professional installers can ensure a seamless and smooth process at every stage to maximize client satisfaction.

Why Switch to Modern Business Phone Systems

Our Services

Infrastructure Audit, Site Surveys, and Consultation

At Navis Technology Solutions, we listen to our clients’ needs and recommend the best business telephone solutions for their businesses.

We can perform a thorough infrastructure audit by visiting your facility and then formulate a plan based on your requirements to procure the right hardware and software for installation. This process will enable you to add more functionality, enable integrations, facilitate remote access, or expand your network.

Telephone Network Cabling

Navis Technology Solutions offer state-of-the-art infrastructure cabling solutions to power and connect business telecommunication networks. Our highly experienced technicians and network engineers are equipped with the tools, resources, and expertise to deliver all hardware, fiber optic, LAN, and other essential requirements.

With our structured cabling system, you can drastically reduce your network’s operational and maintenance costs.

On-Site Phone and Supporting Hardware Installation

We specialize in the installation of business telephones from multiple brands. Our team also takes care of all the necessary supporting hardware installations, including cable runs, jacks, switches, multi-conference units, etc.

We can also take care of repairs and system maintenance to ensure your communication network and devices remain functional at all times.

Our Business

Telephone Partners

Navis Technology Solutions has partnered with some of the best business telephone brands in the marketing, including:

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Navis Tech is a nationwide business telephone installation service based in Los Angeles, California. Reach out to us with your telecommunication infrastructure requirements from anywhere in the US. We will offer you a tailored solutions package. You can also request an on-site technician for a thorough audit of your facility.




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