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Nationwide Infrastructure Cabling and Professional Installation Services

In the post-pandemic digital age, thousands of businesses rapidly transform their IT infrastructures to improve telecommunications and security. However, they need a robust cabling infrastructure to power and support their IT equipment before they can kick-start your tech initiatives and enhance their crucial data transmission.

Navis Technology Solutions is a nationwide structured cabling and professional installation service providing high-performance residential and commercial wiring solutions. Our team of certified technicians and network engineers has the tools, expertise, and experience to install reliable cable networks and related devices.

So, whether you’re just initializing, upgrading, or relocating your network/security infrastructure, we can help.

Our Services

Navis Technology Solutions offers a host of commercial/residential wiring and equipment installation services for communication and security enhancement:

Low-Voltage Infrastructure Cabling

Are you looking for ways to reduce your communications expenditure? Let us help you switch to low-voltage wiring and leverage this energy-efficient solution to save thousands of dollars every year. Low-voltage cabling can also help streamline your network, reduce wire clutter, and simplify management. At the same time, it’s safer than traditional wiring, meaning you can save on insurance.

VoIP/Digital Business Telephones and Paging Systems

In the digital age, you need a solid telecommunication infrastructure to minimize disruptions and streamline communications. Navis Technology Solutions understands this and offers VoIP/digital business telephones with optic fiber or Ethernet cabling to meet modern business communication needs.

We can also equip your team with a modern paging system to enable real-time information exchange, especially in retail.

CCTV Video Surveillance

With security threats on the rise, CCTV cameras have become an essential requirement for residential and commercial property owners to deter criminal activity, enable round-the-clock visibility, and offer peace of mind. Let us help you choose the right video surveillance solution for you and take care of every aspect, from design to wiring, procurement, fitting, integration, and setup.

We’ve partnered with some of the best CCTV vendors in the market, so you can rest assured we can find the best wired or wireless solution for you as per your requirement and budget.

Intercom Installation

Intercoms have become just as important as CCTV cameras for modern businesses that require two-way communication with screening. Navis Technology Solutions can help you pick the best system for your feature requirements and budget. We offer an extensive range of options, including wired/wireless intercoms, audio-only intercoms, audio-video intercoms, automatic gate entry intercoms, etc.

Audio-Visual Equipment Installation

Apart from cabling and security system installation, we can help you install a variety of audio-visual equipment, including:

  • Office Projectors
  • Digital Signage
  • TV/Monitor Mounting
  • Speakers
  • Smart Board and Other Interactive Classroom Equipment Types


Our network of professional equipment installers and technicians operates on a national scale and is available round the clock for fitting, troubleshooting, system upgrades, and maintenance.

WiFi Heat Mapping

Let us help you deploy a new WiFi network properly by taking care of the essential details from site surveys to heat-mapping, planning, implementing, securing, and controlling. Our network experts can ensure that all access points will provide optimal signal coverage.

Access Control and Termination

Let us optimize your security infrastructure with the latest access control systems in the market. Whether you’re looking for screening or remote monitoring, we can find you the best solution for your needs and budget and take care of the installation.

Why Choose Navis Technology Solutions?

We’re a full-service infrastructure cabling company offering an extensive mix of cabling and installation services around the country. Therefore, we provide round-the-clock support to all our customers wherever they may be.

We boast a highly trained and experienced team of network engineers, IT experts, and professional installers. Therefore, we can handle any cabling or installation project.

Navis Technology Solutions aims to make its solutions available to businesses of every scale and budget to enhance their cabling and network infrastructure. Our services are incredibly cost-effective.

Contact us

Navis Technology Solutions is a nationwide infrastructure cabling and installation service based in Los Angeles, California. Therefore, you can reach out to our team from anywhere in the country to share your cabling or security needs so we can devise a tailored solution accordingly.

You can also request an on-site technician for a thorough audit of your facility so we can get a closer look at your infrastructure and strategize accordingly.




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