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Paging System Installation

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Modern commercial facilities require a mass communication system to facilitate real-time information exchange among employees, guests, customers, and the general public. This is where paging systems come in to facilitate this need and enable one-way communication with a large audience.

Navis Technology Solutions is a leading paging system installation service featuring an extensive network of technicians, professional installers, and network engineers equipped with the tools, expertise, and resources to serve handle projects of every size and complexity.

Our Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Site Survey and System Design

Once you communicate your initial project requirements with our team, we’ll assign a dedicated project manager for your project. They will discuss your requirements in detail and conduct a preliminary site visit to gather information for your system’s design, such as the precise location of your equipment for best access, low-voltage wiring requirements, and any obstacles during the installation.

Equipment Procurement

Once we have a working plan and system design, the next step is to ensure we have all the supplies and equipment we need to deliver an excellent service. Thanks to our direct connections with the best vendors in the country, we can provide cables, mounts, brackets, paging system equipment, etc., at a reasonable cost.

We have worked with clients from several industries. Hence, we can recommend products for your use case that are best in terms of cost, reliability, and features.

Equipment Connection

Once we’re done with the low-voltage cabling, we connect all the pieces of equipment from the telephone unit to the UTI, speakers, music source (optional), and amplifier.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Once we’ve completed the installation, our QA team steps in to check and ensure every component is working before asking the client to sign a completion form.

Infrastructure Cabling

The first step of the installation is to lay cable runs to connect the network components and ensure they’re concealed in the ceiling or wall.

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Navis Technology solutions is a paging system installation service based in Los Angeles, California. So, no matter where you are in the US, you can reach out to us with your brief requirements so we can offer you a tailored solutions package. You can also request an on-site technician for a thorough survey of your facility and procure everything they need to get started with your project, from cabling to hardware and other equipment.




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