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I just wanted to thank the folks at Navis Tech for helping us relocate to our new office. You guys were just awesome. I've worked with other structured cabling companies before in Florida, but the speed and precision your team worked with were miles ahead. I’m glad I found you guys. Keep up the excellent work. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Bayer-Harmen L
Los Angeles, CA

After researching several companies in Peoria, we came across Navis Tech. We were running a tight deadline and needed to upgrade our network cabling and business telephones before our new product launch a week later. The team arrived to survey our office and assess our cabling requirements and budget the next morning. They quickly provided us with a competitive quote which we accepted the next day. Money wasn’t an object. We just wanted a company that won't overlook a single detail since we were expecting hundreds of calls and didn't want any disruptions or downtime. However, we were running out of time, so we took a chance. And we weren't disappointed, to say the least. The technicians completed the optic fiber cable run within a few hours while the installation team procured the phones and other devices. Within a day, our new communication infrastructure was up and running, and we haven’t had any issues since then.

Osinski Ltd
Peoria, IL

We've had a few break-ins recently and needed cameras installed on our property. The only problem was we didn't know much about CCTV surveillance. Since we needed more than one, we wanted to be careful and do our homework instead of simply buying the first CCTV item on Amazon. We came across Navis Tech after reading a few blogs about what to look for in CCTV cameras and decided to give them a call. Their support team briefly broke everything down for us and recommended a few products that fit our budget and requirements. Long story short, now we can easily monitor our store from our phones. Thanks to you guys, we even found who was looting us all this time and got most of our stuff back.

Legros Paint & Hardware
Lawrence, KS

We called Navis Tech to inquire about their WiFi Heatmapping service and requested a free survey. Within a few hours, their team arrived on our property to thoroughly assess our infrastructure to determine the low network coverage areas and identified the best placement of access point locations in our office. Now, there are no dead zones in our facility, and our team has excellent coverage wherever they go. Thank you for your prompt service.

Ortiz PLCd
Brooklyn, NY

Despite the complexity of our existing cabling infrastructure, Navis Tech’s technicians managed to quickly remove the wire clutter that had been building for over a decade and installed new Cat5e cables to power our network devices. We’ve already noticed a big difference in our energy bills and signal interference. We'll be returning soon for more of your high-quality services.

5.McKenzie Inc
Los Angeles, CA

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At Navis Tech, we believe it takes more than just the right mix of expertise and experience to ensure customer satisfaction. Thus, we offer multi-channel IT support round the clock to help answer queries and provide real-time updates. Moreover, our team strives to understand every prospect’s needs, budget, and IT capabilities to offer a tailored solution and keeps them connected at every phase of their project.

Lastly, as a nationwide infrastructure cabling and professional installation service, we strive to maximize consistency in our practices. Therefore, no matter where you are, you can expect the highest level of service.

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