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Wireless Security Technology

First-Rate Wireless Security Solutions

Are you looking for end-to-end wireless security tech solutions that safeguard and secure your facility, employees, and equipment? Let Navis Technology Solutions procure, install, and integrate the best solutions in the market for your needs, budget, and space.

We can help you reduce security risk and operational costs by providing a smart, centralized system that keeps an eagle eye on everything, ensuring a safer environment. Our IT security experts and certified technicians are equipped with the tools, expertise, and experience to offer our clients the highest level of service.

Moreover, we comply with all the current legislation and industry standards, including NSI, BS EN54, and BAFE. Thus, you can rest assured we’ve got what it takes to expertly handle aspects of the installation process and transform your infrastructure security.

Why Opt for Wireless Security Tech?

Ease of Installation

Many business premises may not be able to accommodate a wired security solution. This is where wireless security tech comes in to offer a cost-effective solution that’s much easier to install. All you need is a little space for your control panel, and you’re all set to install CCTV cameras and wireless sensors.

Remote Access and Connectivity

In the post-pandemic digital age, thousands of businesses operate remotely or in isolated environments. Wireless security enables anywhere-anytime accessibility round the clock, meaning business owners or security teams can access their facilities using their mobile devices.


Many startups and small businesses may not have the luxury (budget) to invest heavily in infrastructure cabling and install multiple security cameras and systems simultaneously. Due to their ease of installation, these systems are cheaper. Moreover, they’re typically battery-powered, so you can reduce your electric bill as well.

Our Services

Wireless CCTV Camera Systems

We can equip your facility with the latest wireless CCTV cameras so you can view your facility anytime and from anywhere using your smartphone. We have direct connections with the best vendors in the market, meaning you can enjoy stunning features, such as night vision, weather resistance, and mobility, at incredible prices.

WiFi Intercom Systems

Let us upgrade your facility with an advanced access control intercom you can access using WiFi to enable live video streaming without lag and one button door release without delay. With this innovative system, you don’t need a base station, router, low-voltage wiring, or repeater.

IP-Based Door Access Control Systems

Are you looking to control who can enter your facility from anywhere using keypads, card readers, or electromagnetic locks? Let us equip your facility with an IP-based access control system to provide access through a remote server.

Wireless Alarm Systems

Let us build a custom wireless security alarm system to protect your business facility round the clock. We’ve partnered with the best vendors in the market, so you can rest assured you will get the best products in terms of features, accessibility, and reliability.

Why Choose Navis Technology Solutions?


We’re a full-service infrastructure wiring company offering security services all around the country. Therefore, you can reach us anytime from any time zone and get in touch with our experts.


All our technicians, network engineers, professional installers, and IT experts are highly trained, certified, and experienced in installing wireless security tech. Therefore, we can ensure a seamless, hassle-free installation experience for our clients.


At Navis Technology Solutions, we believe that security enhancement isn’t a luxury but a necessity for businesses of all scales and niches. Therefore, our products and services are incredibly affordable and cost-effective.

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Wireless security technologies are prompting organizations to rethink and transform their on-premises security infrastructures. If you’re looking to do the same, you’re at the right place.

Navis Technology Solutions is a nationwide wireless security tech installation service based in Los Angeles, California. So, no matter where you are in the US, you can reach out to us with your security requirements so we can offer you a tailored solutions package.

If you’re new to wireless security, we can help get you up to speed regarding how they work and recommend the best products in the market for your budget.

You can also request an on-site technician for a thorough audit of your facility.




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